The Greatest Shit Show on Earth: “The Trump Second Impeachment Trial”

Trump will be acquitted again: Forget Impeachment, use the section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment reads as follow:

“No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

Again, thanks to these Yellow Unscrupulous Republican Representatives, like for the first impeachment trial, there will be no conviction: Trump will be acquitted again.

The suggestion that the Senate will censure Trump for aiding and abetting the January 6, 2021 insurrection falls far short of what is required to see justice done.

What is required is keeping Trump from having access to high office ever again, disqualifying this dangerous and scheming individual for the 2024 presidential election and, and Section 3 of the 14th Amendment provides that remedy.


J. Michael Dennis, ll.l., ll.m.

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The Ignorant Bouffons of The Clown In Chief: Donald J. Trump


These are the Ignorant Bouffons of The Clown In Chief Donald J. Trump

Many of the rioters and protesters of the siege of the US Capitol on January 6 looked an awful lot like these Republican congressmen and senators supporting their now infamous egomaniac narcissist leader, this coalition of willing deadbeats, QAnon enthusiasts, right-wing extremists, insurrectionists and MMA fans claiming that the presidential election of last November and the country had been stolen from them.

Exiting the Capitol, some rioters and protesters left the building happy, grinning, pumping their fists in triumph. And then, like nothing happened, dressed in furs and anti-Semitic T-shirts, they went back to their life crying for a beer and curly fries, chewing tobacco, tractor pulls, YouPorn, cornhole, mobile home, big gulps and cousin-marriage.

More Than a Lowlifes Deadbeats Insurrection

Don’t be fooled: The January 6 Capitol insurrectionists represent a bigger slice of white America than just the low-class knuckle-draggers came from all over the country on their Bouffon in Chief, Donald J. Trump. Many of the rioters and protesters were middle class, some of them sloppy thinking professionals and business people like their Republican representatives supporting and promoting Trump’s lies and political and doctrinal heresy.

As authorities continue to book protesters and rioters for criminal offenses that may eventually include sedition and murder, we are learning more about the January 6 crowd’s profile and these people who have embraced the QAnon religion and falling under Trump’s spell, answered his call to violence. Many of the rioters and protesters, in Trump’s words, only “the best and most serious people,” “the real patriots”.

There were people like: Bradley Rukstales, a tech CEO in suburban Chicago now facing charges of illegally entering the Capitol “with the intent of and impeding government business”; the retired Air Force officer Larry Rendall Brock Jr, Republican state legislator Derrick Evans; Aaron Mostofksy, the son of a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge; the olympic gold medalist Klete Keller and; the former Midland, Texas, mayoral candidate Jenny Cudd.

Indeed, imbecility is not the privilege of the poor and miserable

Then there are the ranks of those who have not been charged yet, people like: Donald Trump Jr; Eric Trump; Rudy Giuliani and; all these known republican politicians, politically motivated, like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham and others who, willfully and knowingly, pretending that this protest was the result of the people exercising their First Amendment Right to protest and challenge an “Illegal and Fraudulent” presidential election did, knowing better, support and encourage the rioters.

There are even more of these “best and most serious people,” these “real patriots” that may face charges, people like this Seattle doctor storming of the Capitol; this former Republican state representative, who resigned his adjunct professor position at a college after posting a video of the melee; this California physician who reading a speech inside the Capitol; this Texas attorney having posted a video from inside the Capitol and so on and so on …

Yes, any of the rioters and protesters who filled Washington’s Hotels to capacity on the days preceding the riot of January 6 and made the Grand Hyatt’s lobby their after-action lounge were not hillbillies coming out from Dogpatch. Many, came from the Republican professional and political classes only to fuel the rampage with their organizational skills and reputations, arguing that they only invaded the Capitol to exercise their First Amendment rights to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

This riot never has been a First Amendment Issue and will never be

Nowhere does the First Amendment empower citizens to bull their way through a line of police causing murderous injury, shatter windows and break doors, make violent threats and disrupt governments. The masses who broke into the Capitol on January 6 clearly broke the law. Nowhere does the First Amendment empower citizens, not even the President of the United States, to incite, encourage and participate in a Coup or an insurrection of any kind.

This was a coup orchestrated by Donald J. Trump and supported by too many of his no balls and braindead politician supporters considering only one thing: their own personal political interest.

What happened on January 6, 2021 is wrong, immoral, illegal and criminal

Yes, there was plenty of class resentment and political resentment at play at the Capitol on January 6 but, in no way, it is possible for anyone in his right mind to justify what happened. People were killed, people were hurt. the government was disturbed and democracy under attack. Nancy Pelosi and Mike pence would have been captured, they would have been hanged.

No doubt about it; the intention was there!

Such a conduct by Trump’s supporters, whatever their background, wherever they are coming from, whatever their social and political status, can only contribute to more resentment, more division and more violence. Such a conduct will never change the result of the 2020 Presidential Election: Joe Biden is the righteous President Elect duly elected and Donald J. Trump is still and will always be what he had always been, a moron and total asshole.

This is not an excuse, but what happened on January 6 was not just a revolution by the powerless, the pathetic and the rural. This is the result of people, both citizens and politicians, having been radicalized, maybe irreversibly, by the Moron in Chief of the United States of America that is Donald J. Trump.

Wake up people!


J. Michael Dennis Syndicated Columnist … and other things

It all finally caught up to Donald Trump ~ Trump’s post-presidency: Avoid indictment and bankruptcy

Trump, who built a brand on projecting indestructibility, has been branded as something he despises most: a loser.

By: J. Michael Dennis

08/01/2021 11:00 AM EST

Trump, 74, was born into a wealthy family, built a global business, with a few bankruptcies along the way, became a reality TV star and then won the presidency with no political experience. It allowed the megalomaniac businessman to craft his own legacy: Success against all odds.

But now the FBI and authorities are examining whether Trump illegally and inappropriately instigated the Capitol riot of January 6; Investigators are examining whether Trump illegally, inappropriately and improperly inflated assets, evaded taxes and paid off women alleging affairs in violation of campaign finance laws; Lawsuits filed by women against Trump accusing him of harassing and assaulting them are still pending in courts; Lenders are looking for hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to be repaid; The New York Attorney General’s Office is investigating whether Trump and his company misreported assets on financial statements used to seek loans, tax breaks and economic benefits; The Manhattan district attorney is still probing Trump’s payoffs to two women to keep them quiet during the 2016 campaign about extramarital affairs; The Manhattan district attorney may also be broader than the hush money payments, possibly including a probe of tax crimes and bank and insurance fraud.

Trump, who spent decades teasing a White House bid before finally running in 2016, plowed through a first term marred by an impeachment trial, omnipresent investigations, back-biting leaks, tell-all memoirs from ex-staffers, prominent resignations and firings and crisis after crisis of his own making. While in the White House, given a longstanding Justice Department precedent not to indict a sitting president, Trump has been largely protected from facing criminal charges. But once he leaves office, he will have to grapple with a series of investigations that might directly implicate him. And, if he is to lose the legal immunity of the presidency Trump may well be facing jail time.

Trump has, again and again, evaded, side-stepped and shrugged off legal, financial and personal woes. He has survived an impeachment trial, numerous accusations of sexual misconduct and thousands of lawsuits. While he has been through adversities of his own making, bankruptcies, settlements with authorities over alleged malfeasance at his charitable foundation and the now-shuttered Trump University, he has always remained unbowed. These days are over, not even a self-granted preemptive presidential pardon would allow Trump to evade authorities probing him.

There is no way out. Since most of these probes are state, not federal investigations, Trump cannot pardon himself preemptively on the way out the door. Time is running short.

Happy New Year Mr. President,

I just hope your loyal supporters and friends will visit you in whatever jail you will be ending.


J. Michael Dennis

Syndicated Columnist … and other things

Donald J. Trump, The Art of Covert Hypnosis

The Obscene Presidential Reign of Donald J. Trump


In the old Kingdom of ancient Egypt, the first pharaohs understood the extraordinary power of ideology and of its visual counterpart, iconography, to unite disparate people and bind them in loyalty to them and the state. Ancient Egypt’s earliest kings formulated and harnessed the tools of leadership that are still present with us today, especially under the obscene presidential reign of Donald J. Trump: elaborate trappings of office and carefully choreographed public appearances; pomp and spectacles on grand state occasions, all of these trappings expressed orally and visually to set him apart from the populace and reinforce the bonds of loyalty of his supporters. But, like for Trump today, the pharaohs and their advisers knew equally well that their grip on power could be maintained just as effectively by other less benevolent means: political cunning propaganda, a personal and political ideology of xenophobia, close surveillance of the masses and population mood, brutal repression of any form of dissent.

The ancient Egyptians invented the concept of nation-state that still dominates our planet five thousand years later. The Egyptians’ creation was remarkable, not only for its impact, but also for its longevity: the pharaonic age lasted for three millennia. By comparison, Rome barely managed to rule the world for one millennium, the hegemony of the British Empire lasted only for a few centuries and the American supremacy has yet to survive. A key reason for this remarkable survival is that the philosophical and political framework first developed at the birth of ancient Egypt was so well attuned to the national psyche that it remained the archetypal pattern of government for the next one hundred generations; despite prolonged periods of political fragmentation, decentralization, and unrest, the pharaonic rule remained a powerful ideal.

Other times, other manners. Ancient Egypt was a sparsely populated tribal society, its polytheistic religion, pre-monetary economy, the low rate of literacy, the political ideological dominance of divine kingship, all these defining characteristics of ancient Egypt are utterly alien to most contemporary Western civilization including the United States of America and its constituency. Notwithstanding how devious Donald J. Trump may be, what did work for the ancient Egypt’s rulers may not work for him and help him in his 2020 reelection crusade. The arrogance of Donald J. Trump and his self-confidence contain the seeds of his own destruction and the obliteration of the USA domination and influence around the world.

Michel Ouellette JMD, ll.l., ll.m.
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“I am awesome!” – Donald Trump

“I am exceptionally smart” he said.” “I’m, like, a very smart person,” he assured voters in 2016, “A very stable genius,” he ruled two years later.

And then, on last April 24, this exceptionally smart, very stable genius comes out with this unbelievable statement suggesting “injection” of disinfectant to beat coronavirus and “clean” the lungs. No modern politician anywhere in the world can match and surpass Trump’s record of irrational or illogical statements.

Trump is in a class of its own.

His constant careless and too often delusional statements definitely invited questions about his intelligence and actual state of mind.

When Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron” in private, he was absolutely right. So where all other former senior administration officials that did the same or rendered equivalent verdicts.

Trump is a megalomaniac.

Since long before his 2016 campaign, few subjects have been as meaningful to him as appraisals of his intellect. For Trump, it always has been a source of perpetual obsession and manifest insecurity, so much, that he always felt and still do feel the need to allude to his brainpower regularly.

Trump does not want to feel like anybody is better than he is. He cannot deal with that and this is the reason why he his so often dismissing doctors and their opinions. He used to be intimidated by lawyers. Anyone who knows more than he does makes him feel less than he is.

Don’t get me wrong, I always cheer the underdog and applaud when they win. But if I was still be praising Trump, I would have to question my own sanity!

I now believe that it is time to go nuclear on Trump.

The only remedy is the 25th Amendment.


Michel Ouellette JMD ll.l., ll.m., 

Systemic Strategic Planning / Crisis & Reputation Management


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We Are Now Experiencing a Major Shift in Civilizations and Cultures


The Donald: Crazy or crazy like a fox?

Although from a scientific point of view that most doomsday scenario are mostly unlikely for the near future, there are worldwide signs all over the planet indicating that earth and mankind are now experiencing major changes: a major shift in civilizations is about to happen that started one hundred years ago.

Since the origins of man, many societies have been ruled by religious and spiritual beliefs and, all over the world, for years and years, the Apocalypse, the end of the word has been predicted. It doesn’t take a nuclear physicist or a spiritual leader to predict that one day, this earth is going to die. 

All planets die one day and, when this will happen, if there are still men on earth, they will also die. This will be the end of the world, as we know it but certainly not the end of the universe. New planets are born every day and the universe is still expanding. But what about a possible global disaster that may happen in our days that could means the near extinction of man on earth?

History, science, studies and researches teach us that in the past, entire highly developed populations and civilizations suddenly disappeared from the surface of the planet on behalf of natural, biological disasters and human behaviors. Entire species disappeared from the surface of the planet in a very short time period, even in minutes and all of this, without any warning.

If this happen in the past, why can it not happen today? 


Owner of and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog  Follow JMD @ jmdlive