BEWARE! The “Biddwell” Rental Scam

You are looking online for an apartment to rent! Beware!

Rental property listing scams typically aim to steal money. They’ll try to get you to send a check for a security deposit or move-in fee without ever seeing the apartment, and they’ll keep the money without any intention of renting a unit to you.

The latest … “BIDDWELL”

While there are a “” and a “” websites, you will not find a “Biddwell” website anywhere on the web. Both websites “” and “” are highly suspicious.

If the owner of a house, a condo, or any landlord says he or she is out of town or the country for an extended period of time for any reason and cannot meet you in person to show you the proposed rental, beware. A good landlord will always make sure to meet you in person to make sure you’re legitimate. On the flip side, since they don’t want you to be able to report them, scammers typically don’t want to meet you.

The latest rental scam goes as follow

The scammer will pretend to be either a military or a professional out of the country for an extended period of time and will propose you to rent through an agent [in our case BIDDWELL] who will show you the advertised property, take care of all the paperwork required to rent the property and all the possible issues after signature of the rental agreement.

Then, you will be asked for a rent and security deposit before even seeing, or having all parties sign, a lease. Most of the time [and it is the case for BIDDWELL], you will be asked to send the money in a foreign country via bank transfer.

You see the name “BIDDWELL” the name “MANNY GARONNAS”, the name “IVAN NUNEZ BLANCO” anywhere, the possibility that you are dealing with a scammer is extremely high.

Back off immediately!


J. Michael Dennis Syndicated Columnist … and other things