Only One Miserable Bullet and A Few Good Men Would Have Done The Trick!

640x392 damascus

Hell came to Damascus months ago and nobody answered the call of the Syrians. But now that the end of Bashar al-Assad is near, something is different: Everyone wants to take credit. Now that Bashar is loosing ground, everybody wants to side with the rebellion.

The rebellion is no longer a bunch of terrorists, a threat to the civilian airlines of the all mighty western free world: they are heroes, a force to deal with for a better world. Bashar al-Assad, like Saddam Hussein, is now that evil man ready to unleash a chemical war and threatening the nations. Yes, let’s go get him!

The rebels are winning, can you see!

Damascus is about to fall and Bashar with it!

In the past several weeks, the once disorganized, dysfunctional and poorly armed rebels, with very little help, have made major strategic and psychological gains over the regime. They have seized control of key oil fields and territory in important areas of the north. They have audaciously fired on the Damascus airport and downed several military aircraft. They pounced on key Air Force headquarters outside Aleppo, seizing a large cache of weapons, and leaving the regime so desperate it bombed its own bases to prevent the rebels from getting any more.

Now that the Syrian rebels are more organized, better armed with heavy weaponry, and ready to “cleanse Syria” of government forces, now that they have started what could be the ending battle of the war, yes gang, let’s go give them a hand and help them free Syria. Yes, give them now the support that would have prevented so much misery and prevented thousands of innocent’s deaths. Now that they are no longer required, lets approve sending Patriots missiles to Turkey. By the time they will get there, well before they could be deployed, this war will be history.

All together, now that this is over, lets raise our voice against al-Assad and show some indignation.



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